How to Setup Alexa Echo App Alexa Echo Setup Process

If you’re having issues trying to find and download the Alexa Echo app or you need help with the setup of Alexa app, your internet browsing finally brought you to the right place. For once, right?

While it should be quick and easy to download the Alexa app, our expert customer service team has advised that they’re getting a lot of call on this issue. Furthermore, they’ve reported that they’ve seen an increase in calls from customers needing to know how to setup the Alexa Echo app.

Therefore, we wanted to put together this quick reference guide for both of these issues. Read through the tips and if you’re still having issues by the end, we’ll tell you how to get them resolved once and for all.


First Things First: Download the Alexa App

It stands to reason that before you can setup the Alexa Echo app, you have to get the right one downloaded. To download the Alexa app, complete the following:

Ensure that the device you’re using to download the Alexa Echo app is up to date. For iOS devices you need version 11.0 or higher, Android devices need to be at least 5.1, and if you’re using a Fire device, make sure that it is at least version 5.3.3. Download the Alexa app by opening your Play Store/App Store and typing in “Amazon Echo” and locate the app, generally the first or second option, that shows the developer as “AMZN Mobile LLC” or “Amazon Mobile LLC.”

Tap Get/Install and once the download is complete, tap Open. Either sign in with your existing Amazon account login information or create a new account and sign in.
That’s how you download the Alexa app quick and easy.


Get to It: Setup the Alexa App

At this point, the easiest way to setup the Alexa Echo app is to simply tap the Devices icon, choose the one you’re trying to setup, and follow the onscreen instructions. However, it also helps to familiarize yourself with the actual setup of the Alexa app itself. Take a look:

In the upper corner of the Alexa app you’ll find the Menu icon. Within it, there are several areas to educate yourself on:

Music & Books — Enables you to manage the various services available for the Alexa-enabled devices you’ve added to the app.

Lists — Lets you manage your Shopping and To-do lists.

Reminders & Alarms — This is where you can setup and manage your alarms and timers.

Routines — A super fun feature that has Alexa complete a series of actions just by you giving a single command.

Skills & Games — Another fun area, especially for those hardcore gamers, as it lets you manage Alexa’s voice-driven game capabilities.

Things to Try — Displays a list of example phrases you can use with Alexa.

Help & Feedback — Access help topics, submit feedback, or contact customer service directly from the app in this area.

At the bottom of the Alexa app, you’ll see the following icons:

Home — You can see descriptions of your recent Alexa interactions.

Devices — As used above, you can view, add, and remove Alexa-enabled devices from here.

Communication — You can use this option to manage your Alexa Calling and Messaging conversations.

Alexa — You can actually interact and utilize Alexa’s various services.

Music & Books — Access your favorite tunes and print media in this area. If You’ve Setup the Alexa App But There’s Still Issues Of course having all the education in the world won’t help you setup the Alexa Echo app if there are unforeseen technical issues. If your Alexa device is still having issues, we always recommend restarting the device and then power cycling the modem and router if needed. You may be surprised by how many issues are solved by these basic steps. However, if that doesn’t resolve the issues with your Alexa app, give us a call for a free, no obligation diagnostic. Our Alexa technical support experts

will evaluate the issue, tell you what we can do and what we’ll charge to fix it, and provide you three, yes three guarantees. 

Resolution guarantee.

Quality of work guarantee.

Satisfaction guarantee.

Call us no matter what time day or night, we’re here to resolve your issues.